Its beach consists of pebbles and black sand from Mount Agung after the eruption of the volcano in 1963.

The dive site offers the opportunity to enjoy hot water and many fishes for all scuba divers.

The development of dive sites has enabled the residents to work as block holders. Do not be shocked to see a woman putting 2 blocks on her head. It’s her job.

We usually do stops on the road , if you want to fall into waterfalls or just enjoy landscapes ! 


The U.S.S. Liberty was a cargo of 120 m long, built in 1918 in New Jersey (USA) which was requisitioned by the U.S. Army during World War II. Then, this ship was armed with 2 canon guns (one big gun in front and one small in the back).

During his last trip, this ship was hit by 2 torpedoes from a Japanese submarine on June 11, 1942 when it crossed the Straits of Lombok. It was towed towards Singaraja, but taking too much water, it was stranded on the beach of Tulamben after being emptied of its cargo.

It stayed from 1942 to 1963 on the beach. The earthquake that has caused the eruption of Mount Agung made the ship slide into the sea. Bali has its wreck for more than 40 years, and it is a pleasure for us to take you to get to know it.

The shipwreck of the USS LIBERTY (one of the known world) is located 40 meters from the edge of Tulamben beach, and scuba diving is done from the sea, with 6 to 28 meters deep from the sea surface with temperature of 27 at 30 ° C.

This shipwreck is accessible to all levels of diving. You can meet lonely barracudas posing for pictures, pygmy seahorses hiding in the colorful sea fans, groupers, batfish, angelfish, humpback parrotfish, carrangues bench, black tip and white tip sharks, nudibranchs ….

The Drop Off

   After the wreck, the drop off of Tulamben is a popular dive site. It starts from 3 meters to 70 meters deep. It is formed by casting of lava and covered with a multitude of corals from giant barrel sponges, some of which are nourishment for humpback parrotfish, giant sea fans and often reaching 3 meters deep. This site forms 3 giant fingers. You can meet with black tip sharks, dog tooth tuna, rayfish, wrasse and the opportunity to meet with parrotfish. The coral is very healthy and has survived very well with the crossing of el nino (stream of hot water), where nudibranchs and reef fish live. It is accessible to all levels and for divers with snorkel masks.

Coral Garden

The area of coral is located before the main hotels in Tulamben and is quite young, about fifteen years old. It is not very deep but it is one of the richest areas of Tulamben. Here you can meet many fish leaves, ruban eels, reef fish, oriental gatrins, ludgians, triggerfish, shrimp, comatula, nudibranchs.

This awesome coral reef offers you different varieties of clown fish hiding in the anemones (white, green blue).

It is accessible to all scuba divers, beginner and snorkeler.

Seraya Secret

In Seraya Secret you enter the macro paradise for the amateurs. You’ll find a very small number of corals, but each sponge, gorgon, comatula or parcel of sand is home to a multitude of nudibranchs, shrimps (including the famous harlequin shrimp), porcelain crabs, scorpion fish, lion fish, stone fish, frogfish, ghost fish ….

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Your dives include transport and hotel transfers, lunch, beverages, snack after dives, tanks and weights, holders and diving insurance.

All our dives are guided by instructors or certified PADI Divemasters.

The price is the same whether you do air diving  or NITROX diving.

  From 115$ / 1.600.000 RP

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