If you are already a certified diver,

why not continue your diving education with PADI & Bali Breizh ?

Photography - 3.700.000 Rp

     Today, many of you have a digital camera; however, you do not like the result, which is why we offer a specialty photography.


We’ll teach you to use functions such as automatic white balance, ISO settings and a filter for color photos, with or without external light source (flash or torch).


This will give you dramatic results and identical to what you are shooting underwater. (Remember the manual of your camera if you want to learn to manipulate your camera). 

PADI Nitrox Course - 3.700.000 Rp

     As you had been indicated, we offer Nitrox (enriched air) in our dive center. We have the tools necessary for your Enriched Air training.


Nitrox allows you to extend your dive time without relief. You accumulate less nitrogen in your body so you feel less fatigue. This makes you better enjoy your stay in Bali between dives. You will learn the benefits of Nitrox for your dive planning and analyze the mixture in the tank. You can combine this course with the Open Water Diver training.

The program will be on 2 days with the undersea scenery in Bali.

This course lets you know how to pump Nitrox. You will learn safety procedures, perform calculations for the different mixtures, pump Nitrox and clean standard oxygen equipment.

PADI Gas Blender - 2.600.000 Rp

This training allows you to know how to inflate Nitrox. You will learn the safety procedures, the calculations to realize the different mixtures, the inflation of the nitrox blocks and the cleaning of the equipment with the norms oxygen.

PADI Fish Identification course - 3.300.000 Rp

    You come to discover Bali and would like to know what wildlife you can find once you submerge.We offer specialization in fish identification.

We will give you all the tools necessary to identify them and you will be guided to learn how to recognize them and find them under water. Bali offers a number of surprising diversity of fish.

PADI Night Diver course - 4.900.000 Rp

     This specialization allows you to night diving. You will practise at Tulamben or Padang Bay to observe the nocturnal activity of fish with torch. You are supervised by a professional.

     During the training of special PADI search and retrieval of objects, you will learn planning, organization, procedures, techniques, and management of potential problems.


You learn how to find large and small objects using search patterns and use different methods to raise them to the surface. You will use search patterns, use bag and method of lifting (this specialization will be useful for the Rescue course if you want to head to the next level because most of research methods can be used to locate a missing diver. They are also used for placing objects in water, such as anchors or artificial reefs).

PADI Search and Recovery course - 4.900.000 Rp

PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course - 3.700.000RP

     You will learn to buoy precisely for control and optimal balance. By mastering hydrodynamics, you swim near fragile environments without damage or injury.


You will learn the basics of buoyancy, settings of the hydrodynamics, and equilibrium. Your buoyancy will improve as well as your diving control.

     You’ll experience the diving beyond 18 meters deep. You will learn planning, organization, procedures, techniques and hazards of deep diving. You will gain experience in deep diving under the direct supervision of a PADI instructor.


The course includes four open water dives at depths between 18 and 40 meters.

PADI Deep Diver course - 4.900.000 Rp

PADI Wreck Diver course - 4.900.000 Rp

     With the PADI Wreck Diver Specialization, you get the technical knowledge and procedures you need to dive on a wreck or a sinking plane caused by accident or by intention.

The majority of specialization are available for a safari; do not hesitate to contact us for more information.




 2 100 000 Rp

     This is the ultimate training to take part and resuscitate a diver. It is the 1st aid training and is recommended for all divers.


We will teach you not only the 1st and 2nd care but also the use of a defibrillator.


Your EFR has to be valid less then 2 years to be able to do the PADI Rescue training.

PADI RESCUE DIVER - 5 400 000 Rp

     This course is designed to help divers in difficulty when diving.


We offer a theoretical and practical training on how to take part and help the conscious or unconscious divers – underwater or in surface.


You will study stress management, self-help, first aid in diving, and how to react in case of accidents and problems related to equipment. Bali offers a variety of site to practice rescue.


    This course, combined with those of rescue and EFR, will give you the best possible preparation in order to react properly when facing any diving accident. During this course you will learn to use various oxygen therapy systems available on the market. It allows the administration of oxygen during a first aid.

SAFETY PACK - 8 500 000 Rp

    It is our training package which includes the Rescue, EFR, and Oxygen Provider.

It can form you before the rescue Divemaster because this training allows you the administration of oxygen to the patient for a better recovery.

We strongly recommend all divers rescue.

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